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Family and General Dentistry

Childrens Check-ups

We appreciate the value of early attendance of your children and the benefit of preventative care from an early age.

For this reason, if parents are members, children are seen free of charge.

Tooth coloured fillings

Fillings are required in teeth with dental decay, high levels of wear or in fractured teeth.

Composite (white) materials are the alternative to the traditional silver amalgam fillings. They are infinitely more aesthetic as we match them to your existing tooth shade allowing them too often go unnoticed.

The material bonds to your natural tooth with an adhesive often allowing us to preserve more of your remaining healthy tooth structure.

Teeth cleaning / scale & polish

Having regular dental cleanings is one of the ways we try to help you prevent having problems with your teeth and gums. We encourage all our patients to have regular appointments with our experienced dental hygienist and therapists. During these appointments, any hard to reach dental plaque and calculus is removed, preventing it from causing tooth decay and gum disease.

Good brushing and flossing technique can save you from unnecessary treatments. These techniques are taught and reinforced by our hygienists.

Root canal treatments
Root canal treatments

It is sometimes necessary for teeth to have a root canal treatment. This can be the case in teeth with infected roots or in teeth that have become painful.

Teeth have nerve and blood vessels within them and these have to be removed and replaced with a filler in order to preserve the remaining tooth structure.

We appreciate that this is a treatment that often worries patients. We spend a lot of time making sure that our patients are pain free throughout, know what is happening during the procedure and remain completely comfortable and at ease.

Crowns & bridges

Tooth fractures can affect the comfort and function of your teeth. For these reasons, it is important to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. In the majority of cases we can now fabricate your crown in the practice with the latest in CAD/CAM technology.

There are many situations that can mean your tooth will require a crown.

These include:

  • Restore a broken tooth
  • Provide a bridge to replace missing teeth
  • Hide a discoloured tooth
  • Protect a root filled tooth
  • Restore a dental implant

Once we have deemed it necessary to provide a crown, we will scan the affected tooth and transfer this digital impression to our in house digital lab.

Here we design and mill your new crown using the latest Cerec Primemill which fabricates an incredibly accurate and precise fitting new crown. This removes the two week wait for your new crown, the risk of fractures and other problems during this time and the uncomfortable temporary restoration.


We do everything we can to try and maintain your natural teeth, that is always our goal. 

On some occasions, extracting your tooth is the only available option.

All of our team appreciate how scary it can be to have a tooth out.

With todays technology and anaesthetics, it really shouldn’t be. We can often take teeth out with little to no discomfort.


Whether you are missing a single tooth or a full arch, dentures are the classic way to replace those missing teeth. 

Modern advances have made it possible to improve the retention of your loose dentures. 

You no longer have to accept it. Dentures that grip onto your teeth can sometimes be used to improve the fit. 

It is also possible to place implants that can hold your denture solid, almost as good as your natural teeth.

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