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Digital Dentistry

Same day crowns & bridges

Here at Clowne Dental Practice we have invested heavily in the latest technology in digital dentistry.

We have the Cerec prime mill on site, allowing us to design and fabricate your natural coloured crown or bridge in a single visit.

This has many benefits including not needing a temporary; not needing a second appointment; and not having to wait two weeks while your tooth is vulnerable to fracture.

Patients and clinicians alike, enjoy watching their crown form in front of their very eyes.

Digital Scanners

Digital scanners allow us to irradicate the need for uncomfortable impressions. We appreciate that some patients cannot tolerate old style impressions due to having a marked gag reflex or just being uncomfortable.

We have the latest cerec prime scanner. This allows us to scan your whole mouth within 3 minutes. We can use this scan to then make crowns, bridges or even straighten your teeth.

Intra oral cameras

Every surgery here at Clowne dental practice is equipped with a camera.

These are used in addition to dental x-rays in order to help you understand why the treatments you require are being recommended. 

They are an excellent educational tool that we have invested in to help improve your experience at the practice.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays allow us to see deep into your teeth and gums with instant images. No more waiting for images to be developed.

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